[Produce 101 Season 2] The Concept Evaluation – 35 Trainees

The contestants on “Produce 101 Season 2” arranged into 5 teams to perform a brand new song. The five tracks are “Oh Little Girl,” “열어줘 (Open Up),” “Show Time,” “NEVER,” and “I Know You Know”.

“Show Time” is an electronic dance track containing elements of the nu-disco genre. “I Know You Know” is a synth-funk track created by the producer of Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl” and EXO’s “Growl.” “Open Up” is an EDM track produced by the skilled producing team Devine-Channel. “Oh Little Girl” is a hip-hop track with a funky bass line. And “NEVER” is a deep house track produced by Triple H.

Show Time – iT’s

I Know You Know – Boys Under The Moon

열어줘 (Open Up) – Knock

Oh Little Girl – Slate

Never – Sons of People


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